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One of the major functions of any Counterintelligence Program is to build the awareness of the threat posed by adversaries of all kinds to personnel, processes, and information of the organization. Whether it is a small business, a government, an international corporation, or even a one person consulting firm. All could be a target and each one requires custom counterintelligence protective services to fit their level of risk, their culture, and the threat environment associated with their mission.  Are you fully aware of the threats facing your organization?


Digital Forensics and Cyber Security

How many times have we read about a so called “advanced”, or “sophisticated” intrusion into some mega corporation or large government agency only to discover later that the intrusion could have been easily prevented by basic cyber security best practices and monitoring.  Yes, cyber security is not just cyber and one size not does fit all. Is it time to reevaluate your cyber security posture? Even with the best technical staff working hard daily to protect you, you could already be compromised. Let’s hunt them, find them and neutralize them before they find what they are looking for!

Insider Threat Program Consulting

Espionage has changed. In many cases it’s not even called espionage any more. Call it what you will, it comes down to a trusted member of an organization abusing that trust to gain access to assets and without authorization sharing or disclosing to individuals or entities not authorized to receive the assets. It can happen to anyone without a program designed to prevent it. We provide Insider Threat Program Subject Matter Expert consulting for governmental or cleared contractor organizations. Our award winning best practices and techniques are currently in use all over the federal government.  To learn more, apply for one our free Insider Threat Program consultations.

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    The chart below depicts a possible design of an insider threat program for a moderate sized entity.

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